Lindsay and Steven offer a range of day workshops and longer courses across a variety of specialist areas for both beginners and intermediate participants.

Students can learn cutting and preparing glass for kiln forming, techniques for making and preparing moulds, the principles of slumping and fusing ,casting, kiln programming  and preparation, firing and finishing.

Stained glass workshops include designing a stained glass piece, cutting and shaping techniques, painting with enamels and etching using sandblasting, assembly with lead or copper foil and finishing.

Steven also offers a day long masterclass in the etching techniques employed in his work and some of the aesthetic traditions in decorative glass that have influenced him.

Glass with a stunning backdrop


For a full immersion , try our Stay+Create experience.

Fusing and slumping

The practice of heating glass in order to join or melt together, to transform in shape, with the introduction of new elements and surface and internal decoration.  Working with clear and coloured glass, we will look at how to create shape , understanding the nature of the material and its limitations and potential for transformation. Using this knowledge, successful mould preparation and mould making using various materials including ceramic, metal and plaster. Cutting and shaping glass for firing, experimenting with inclusions and other decorative effects. Laying out the kiln and programming the firing.



A technique usually employed to create a 3d form in glass, or a deep relief. An introduction to some techniques –open casting, lost wax casting and the materials used in mould making. With the knowledge of the limitations and constraints of the process, a form will be designed and model made- using, terracotta, card, plastic etc. Alternatively, a form can be taken form nature and our fertile surroundings. The cast will be set up – single or two piece -and mould mix prepared for pouring. Where the model is complex, the mould (which will become the waste mould) will be prepared for a lost wax pouring. Using the resulting wax positive shape a secondary and final mould will be made to be prepared for firing.


Stained glass

An introduction to the tools and basic techniques of cutting and shaping for leading and tin soldering. Once mastered  students will be encouraged to respond to the environment and the iconography employed in the silk tradition for which Lucca is so famous in creating a  design for a simple panel .Choosing  colour and  deciding on any additional decoration ( painted enamels , etching ) , cutting , shaping and  assembling  . For stay + create, Steven will give a day long workshop in sandblasting techniques for creating imagery.


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