Ceramics workshops

The studio is housed in the 18th century barn overlooking the valley and the hills beyond, an inspiring environment for your creativity . We have four Shimpo wheels (left or right handers), glaze room and drying area (Tuscan sun), front and top loading kilns. There is a good range of hand tools, and plenty of space for hand building and finishing. All materials are supplied.

Workshops include developing a range of skills  including throwing, slab construction and hand building. This will include creating functional items such as cups, bowls, pouring pots and jars to more complex and creative objects.

Simple pots can be built over a two day course. In a full week course participants will have the opportunity to develop a range of skills and can experiment with slip and inlay techniques, surface decoration, including raku firing.

Proficient potters who wish to use the studio on an hourly basis with minimal supervision are welcome.


Steven Newell, best known for his engraved glasswork which can be seen in National collections, returns to his roots having trained in ceramics at Carnegie Mellon. He has a passion for the functional vessel form with an emphasis on throwing.


For a full immersion, try one of our week long Stay+Create experiences.

Throwing for beginners

Level: Beginner   |   Tutor: Steven Newell

The five day course is for those who want to master the rudiments of throwing .  We will be working in white bodied earthenware. Starting with the preparation and understanding of the material students will practice in the use of the wheel , centering , pulling and the basics of shaping.  With the accomplishment of a simple vessel shape we will progress to additions (handles , feet , spouts) decoration and preparation for firing . If time permits a second glaze firing will be done. We will look at the work of a range of contemporary ceramicists and discuss techniques employed.


Throwing and hand building in clay
Level: Beginner to Intermediate   |   Tutor: Steven Newell

Combining two basic techniques here, the student can greatly expand the vocabulary of the vessel. Beginners will cover the basics of throwing .  Slab and thrown and coil and thrown combinations will then  be developped . We will reference  a wide range of work  from the Etruscans to the 20th century  makers such as Betty  Woodman.



To book one of the courses or to discuss a more tailored workshop, contact us using this form. For our visiting tutor programme in ceramics, check our Special Events page.